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''Frank helped me a LOT with his high end marketing skills. It was great to work with him and plan on working with him again in the future. Thanks for the great work friend, really appreciate it.''

Ray B.

''Great job on developing a sales strategy for my e-commerce store. He documented every step to follow in a very clearly way, so his work can be picked up by others in my team if necessary. Good communicator and very smart guy!''

Elena W.

''Thorough, conscientious, effective communicator, responsive to questions. He was able to research and develop a strategy that works according to my specifications. Thank you''

Matt C.

''For the past five months, my team of three members have worked extensively with Frank. They developed a marketing system and a very profitable sales funnel, now is working flawlessly and bringing in profit for our business daily. I really appreciate all the effort, thank you Frank''

Christian H.

''My new friend can always be trusted on his work, a welcomed relief in the world of contractors. The combination of these aspects, his advanced marketing skills, thorough communication, punctuality and truthfulness, all lead me to unequivocally praise his work, and recommend him highly to any managers lucky enough to capture his interest.''

Steven M.

''Excellent communication, worked through challenges, and high quality work.''

Corey G.